It's yet another sign spring is almost here. Another winter sports league wrapping up for the season.

Since the beginning of the year, middle school students of the Portage School Division have taken over the Portage Curling Club every Monday after school. While many are trying the sport for the first time, some have already played for several years and a playoff is held at the end of the schedule to declare a winner.

The final this year was a battle of Ecole Arthur Meighen Grade 7 teams and in the end, Team Reid Munro defeated Team Giercke 8-4 to claim the title. Giercke stole 3 in the first end to stake an early lead but Munro settled into a groove after that making some difficult shots to help secure a comeback.

One of several teacher reps Cam Scott addressed the players after the game as the teens enjoyed some pizza at the unofficial windup. Scott encouraged everyone to continue with the game, especially those headed off to grade 9 and Portage Collegiate next year. He also thanked everyone from the club for helping make it all possible for the young players.

While scores were kept for the season, the rules were pretty loose and the main object was for the students to learn the rules, get a feel for the game, and possibly light a fire in them to move forward with the sport.

Team GierkeSecond place went to Reese Routhier, Silas Braun, Baeya Hyde and Deacon Giercke


curling houseThe front of the house was pretty crowded in the 4th end.