The Municipality of North Norfolk will be looking for a new Mayor, as Gerald Barber will not seek re-election.

He says he's been in politics for 12 years but doesn't believe in being a career politician. Barber notes, that in this stage of life, some things just have to come before politics. He outlines what he's going to do with his time now that he won't have to worry about mayoral duties.

"I don't have a lot of big plans," explains Barber. "Enjoying some downtime and spending some time with family."

He adds one of the highlights of his time as Mayor was the time he spent focused on getting the municipality high-speed internet, which was especially helpful for residents of Austin and Sidney. He gives some advice for anyone who's looking to take his place.

"Be prepared to work hard and to be very busy," says Barber. "Dedicate yourself, listen to the people, and look after the people around you."

The municipal election is set for October 26th.