A first of its kind in the Portage la Prairie area is coming up for anyone who's battled cancer. Central Plains Cancer Services executive director Sharilyn Knox notes it may also be a first for Canada. 

"We just really believe in connection, and we know that people's cancer journeys don't end; and that's well after treatment," Says Knox. "We just want to be a part of people's wellness and living after cancer. We've put together a two-day retreat. We're going to be holding it out at Southport, for the most part. Included in the retreat is a one-night stay accommodation at the Barker buildings out there, which is a beautiful facility."

She explains the event will have different activities including yoga, art therapy, and dance therapy. 

"We have a beautiful evening for the first night of the event, a dinner being held where we have Catherine Wreford from 'The Amazing Race' coming to speak to the participants about her cancer journey, and how she lives with it. It's going to be just a great weekend of connection for individuals who are cancer survivors, thrivers, and just want to continue on with their wellness journey. You can register through Eventbrite. We tried to keep the cost as low as possible, so the fee for the two days is $250. That includes their stay at a room at Barker, all of their meals, snacks, and mocktails in the evening. It includes all the activities, the yoga, the meditation, the art therapy, the dance for joy, the bowling, and also we've curated beautiful welcome bags and welcome gifts for these individuals. We just want to make it a really special couple of days." 

She notes it's open for forty individuals and those interested should probably register soon because spaces will fill quickly.

"We hope it continues. One thing people should know, too, is it doesn't matter to us if you are six months out of your cancer journey or if you're 10 years from having cancer, as long as you deem yourself a survivor or a thriver, you're welcome to attend."

If you have any questions you can contact Central Plains Cancer Services office where they're always available for you to learn more.  

"But we've laid it out pretty good on the Eventbrite page as to what all what's all included; who the instructors are. We hope you just come enjoy and we hope we fill up to our 40 participants."