Make sure your licence plate is in good condition or you could get a near $200 fine.

Manitoba RCMP are cracking down on plates that are hard to read as part of a two-month project, enforcing a law that plates must be legible.

Sgt. Mark Hume with D Division Traffic Services says this project is happening all over the province.

"There's been some problems lately with the paint peeling off the numbers on the licence plates and then it makes it basically unreadable to both the naked eye and to digital cameras that we use."

R-C-M-P say some issues are due to normal wear and tear, but some drivers are intentionally obstructing the view of their plates.

"Part of it is educational, but if people know their plate is peeled, and it's been like that for a while, they're probably going to face the fine," says Sgt. Hume. "Same thing for licence plate covers. These clear licence plate covers actually obstruct digital cameras that we use in red light cameras and licence plate readers in our cars. So, you can't have anything across the licence plate at all. It needs to be just a bare licence plate."

He says Manitoba Public Insurance says there is a 5-year warranty on those plates. If you are outside of that window, it's only $15 to have them replaced -- a lot cheaper than a fine.