The Manitoba government has launched public consultations on three new environmental initiatives, which will improve water management and modernize watershed planning.

The goal is to reduce nutrient loading in lakes and waterways, protect against drainage and flooding, and improve water quality.

Manitobans will be asked for input on a made-in-Manitoba program called Growing Outcomes in Watersheds or GROW, a new partnership with farmers to create ecological goods and services on the agricultural landscape.

“Manitoba farmers have always been excellent stewards of the land and have a unique opportunity to provide further environmental benefits to the province,” said Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler.  “We look forward to feedback on the GROW proposal from our farmers, as well as from conservation groups and other interested Manitobans, as they help us develop a made-in-Manitoba approach that delivers sustainable and targeted results for the province.”

The province is also seeking input on watershed-based drainage and water resource management. The third consultation document focuses on modernizing Manitoba’s conservation districts program.

Consultation documents are available at Manitobans can submit comments to or by mail until Oct. 6.