Former WWE and UFC champion Ronda Rousey made headlines last week when she wore an orange shirt that said "Every Child Matters". You may not have known that the shirt was designed by someone from Long Plain First Nation.

Cyle Daniels, a 19-year-old who graduated from Portage Collegiate Institute, didn't know their shirt was going to be worn on WWE Smackdown when the superstars came to Winnipeg. The shirt was seen by millions of people who tuned in.

Daniels first designed the shirt during a contest at the Neeginan College of Applied Technology. 

"I just entered an orange shirt contest that my instructor gave me and, I guess, I was just putting down different designs," says Daniels. "I landed on that one, and I liked it and I submitted it."

Daniels wasn't watching at the time -- they found out on social media when their timeline blew up, with many people praising the design.

Cyle Daniels holding the designCyle Daniels holding the design

"I started scrolling on Facebook and then I came across a post of someone appreciating Ronda for wearing the shirt and I noticed my jingle dancer design was on it and I showed my family members," says Daniels.

Daniels has been blown away with the positive reactions to the shirt. Rousey wore it as Smackdown was airing on September 30th, The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

"It felt amazing. I was just happy that she was wearing it and representing what it meant," says Daniels. "I was shaken up and happy that I saw that she was wearing it."