The Herman Prior Snooker League has been taking place in Portage la Prairie for about seven years now. Mo McLeod is one of the members and notes he got involved in the second year. He explains they start up their season in October.

"It runs through the end of March, and sometimes a weekend into April," says McLeod. "We have playoffs at the end, with a name on the plaque, for bragging rights. This year, we have 21 teams; two people to a team, and about ten spares."

He says the group has grown every year and you're welcome to join if you'd like by just paying a visit to the Herman Prior Activity Centre.

"It pays to join the Herman Prior," McLeod says. "I believe that's $30 a year. So, the only cost is a $1.00 to shoot every every week, and that's usually one day a week. And it's $3.00 three dollars if you're a non-member."

Mo McLeodMo McLeod by the League Playoff plaque

McLeod notes some players are, obviously, better than others, and they make up for that by evening out the teams a little bit. It may not always work out that way, but he adds nobody seems to get too upset. 

PlaquePlaque with playoff winners

"There's, sort of, a competitive spirit, but it's good-natured, and lots of joking and teasing soul. It's a good time," adds McLeod.  "I think everybody that comes, enjoys it; at least, they tell me they do."

He says they had 15 people join this year, while others had to leave for various reasons. 

"The other problem is that people that are travelling in the winter. So, we have to have a lot of spares and, kind of, try and work that in, because some will be here for the first month and a half, or two months, and then they're gone for a month or so."

Pool tablesPool tables at the Centre

McLeod says they're currently playing from Tuesday through Thursday every morning beginning at 9 a.m., then play again at 10:30. 

"Next year, I expect we may have to stretch it out to include, maybe, Monday or Friday, too," adds McLeod. 

He says the plaque has only been accounting for winners in the last two years; it's not representative of the first few years.

"We thought it was just, kind of, neat to have a playoff at the end," says McLeod.

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