Local reports are indicating a very much alive T-Rex in the City of Portage la Prairie. Sources have tracked its location to Pharmasave in Portage. Pharmasave owner Caitlin Giercke shared with the residents of Portage that there's a reason for this and they love to have fin with it.

"I guess you could call it our mascot, we call it Pharmasaurus Rex. We try to get it out here and there to get the word out about Pharmasave."

Many have voiced concerns (tongue in cheek) about having such a creature in our community, including Callie McArthur. McArthur was quick to make her concerns readily known to the public.

"At first, I thought of the phrase, 'Are you Pharma-serious?' But of course, it's just Pharmasaurus Rex.' I'm not sure how I feel about having an inflatable T-Rex on the loose though."

The T-Rex has shown signs of being domesticated, however, with a penchant for snow-clearing. Giercke assures the people of Portage, there is no risk to public safety on Pharmasaurus Rex's behalf.

"No, it's not counting the pills or doing anything too exciting like that. And now that our dispensary is a little bigger, he's not running into the aisles or anything like that. We usually just take him out and about."

The mascot is one of several in the community that will show up at events from time to time.