Portagers and many people worldwide will celebrate Pride Month throughout June, but in May, Portage Pride starts it off with a drag show and social. 

Pride Portage la Prairie has been a beacon of inclusivity within the city for quite a few years and after Chase Fedak, a resident, experienced his first pride event in the city last year, he felt a deep personal connection along with a strong desire to contribute to the group's mission. 

Fedak mentions that growing up in a smaller city, he didn't notice much representation from the LGBTQ2IA+ community, making it difficult to feel comfortable about being 'different' than his classmates in elementary school. 

"I moved here in Grade 3, and I started to get the idea in Grade 4 that I was maybe a bit different than everyone else. I wasn't sure how to look at myself for a while. Throughout grade 12 and my first year of university, I was finally exposed to the different walks of life and types of people in the LGBTQ+ community."

He said his first Pride felt like a magical day and is glad he got the opportunity to attend.

Fedak says the idea is to make it more than the parade and the social since he wants pride to be celebrated year-round, not just for those two days.

"I think this is a big stepping stone in the future, which could be creating a group and a support system for people who identify in the LGBTQ community. This group in Portage can make it easier for people to be themselves and to be comfortable speaking about who they are, and that's why I decided to join the committee."

The local says seeing events for Pride in his hometown is heartwarming and exciting. However, now that he is involved with the group, he says he has one goal. 

"It's so valuable to have that awareness of the different types of people in relationships and all the different types of people who exist in the world who are normal, healthy, and happy. I hope that I can be the person who can make change so that any young adults and children can feel okay with themselves and happy, go to school, and be who they are. I would be more than happy to see that happen."

Pride Portage la Prairie has its Fundraising Drag show and Social on Saturday, May 11th.