Spring is in the air, which means gardening season is right around the corner. 

Shae Doherty, a seasoned gardener from Our Farm Greenhouse, shares his expert advice on the perfect time to start planting your gardens. 

"Hold back on those warm crop products. You can plant some peas, carrots, beets, and anything that can handle the colder temperatures now. But for the rest of the stuff like tomatoes, peppers, and onions, I would still hold a little bit longer because the ground is still cold, and cool weather is coming off the lake; this reminds us that we live in Manitoba."

Doherty mentioned that if you have planted those warmer crops, you haven't done anything wrong. You will just have extra work ahead of you since we are still seeing those chillier temperatures. 

"You're going to be out there putting a pail over top of them or covering them on those cold nights, making sure that they have an insulation value so that hopefully you can keep them alive, thriving, and vibrant."

He advises that a pro tip to boost your gardening success is to start by enriching your soil with additives. This simple step ensures your plants can access all the necessary nutrients, leading to a healthier and more productive garden. 

"What you can do now to prepare for them is add a little bit of manure to your gardens, you know, get the earth ready to receive it. Then, until it is so, the worms can start adding a little bit of fibre. You will have a nice crop since the manure would be your fertilizer." 

As far as Our Farm Greenhouse goes, they expect to be open this Saturday, May 4th, for all your gardening needs.