Author: Ardin Masson

There is a new champion at the Portage Chrysler Senior Men's Open, but it didn't come without a fight.

The event held yesterday at the Portage Golf Club for those 50 years and older, featured 185 participants, and in dramatic fashion a playoff was needed to decide a champion. After 18 holes both Portage's Don Jackson and Ken Maley from Winnipeg were tied at 72.

The stalemate wasn't discovered until the post-tournament supper being held at the Herman Prior Centre, when prizes were being awarded. So immediately, Jackson, who was chasing his 5th straight Portage Chrysler championship title, and Maley went back to the course to decide a winner. As per the event playoff format, the two were to play holes 1,2 and 18 in rotation until one of the competitors emerged with the edge. Unfortunately for Jackson, the playoff only lasted one hole as he hooked his first tee off into the trees, which ultimately led to his forfeiting and a Maley victory.

One of the tournament organizers, Don Brownridge, says the event was well attended and went smoothly thanks in part to the weather remaining co-operative despite a wet forecast for the afternoon. He adds the Portage Chrysler Open sees a mix of many high quality amateur golfers who are there to compete while others take part to just get out on the course and enjoy the day.

For all of yesterday's Portage Chrysler Senior Men's Open flight winners go to www.portageonline.com and click on the scoreboard.