The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba if elected is planning on adding $10 million per year toward the staffing of healthcare workers. 

Portage la Prairie Candidate Jeff Bereza says this is an important area of concern. 

"We're in a worldwide health care shortage," says Bereza. "We're short of people out there. We need to be able to attract people to come to communities like Portage la Prairie to work in this big brand, new regional hospital here that we're building."

He notes the funds will help recruit, retrain, and offer incentives in order to keep healthcare workers in Portage and also bring new healthcare workers here. 

"I was on city council back to 2010," adds Bereza. "There was a report done by the previous government that we wouldn't see a new health care facility here for 30 to 40 years. And I look at it today; this thing's being built and will open in 2025."

Bereza says when new people come to Portage, they look for certain things, including recreational opportunities and health care. He says this plan will ensure both of those criteria are in Portage la Prairie, and also ensure our community will grow.

We have reached out to the other candidates for what they'd like to see happen for Portage.


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