It's been a week ago since the Ultimate Giveaway by Golden West Broadcasting in Portage didn't only see a $10,000 'JS Furniture And More' prize claim, but others were ecstatic about their wins, and some for just qualifying for the win!

Carol Timmons took part in one contest pulling tissue sheets out of a Kleenex box. She didn't win that; but was happy to qualify. 

"I was surprised because I never get called for a prize. I've never won before, and if I win, I want the JS Furniture prize."

Lee Anne Doucet was there with her mom, and was excited to be with her mom, to cheer her with moral support.

Sandibel Salcedo was there, and won $225 from Shewfelt's Plumbing and Heating.

"I actually won through the radio station before when they had Chase the Ace, with the prize of $350 of gift cards. Very handy! I felt very nervous and excited, but also very glad. I entered on PortageOnline and heard the word of the day ad they called me next day."  

She, too was vying for the JS Furniture prize.

Brian Bird was a qualifier for the giveaway.

"It was pretty exciting and good to get the call. It's just fun. If I was going to make smart decision, it would be JS Furniture if I won the grand prize. But I probably want the Seadoo. It's my first time qualifying, so I'm pretty excited."

Leah Davis was another qualifier who invited her sister, McKenna, to come along with her. 

"I'm pretty excited. This is my first time even entering  a giveaway on PortageOnline or the radio stations. I won in silent auctions before but nothing big. Maybe I want the Ffunn Motor Sports, or JS Furniture, because I'm planning on moving out and going to university. I want to furnish a good apartment."

Her sister says she would have bought her a drink if she won.

Leslie Smith was glad to win, as well.

"I won a $50 gift card for Our Farm Greenhouse. Isn't that wonderful? It was so much fun. It was cute."

Stay posted for the upcoming video of ultimate winner Robert Lilley when he makes his $10,000 Shopping Spree.