The peer leader group at La Verendrye School recently lent a helping paw to the Portage Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Grade 6 Teacher Jennifer Ethans explains the club is comprised of some students in Grades 6 through 8 who organize efforts to help the community and school. 

She explains how they raised money for this latest recipient.

"They wanted to run a canteen, and all the money that we collected from the canteen would be donated to a group in Portage," says Ethans. "That group is PAWS and they're bringing in a dog to the school, which the kids are very excited about. We're going to present them with a cheque, and the amount that we raised was $250. That actually gets a brick with our name on it at their new location."

EthansJennifer Ethans

Ethans says the manner in which the canteen operated was through student participation in purchasing different foods and drinks with a general fund for the group.

"We had the canteen at lunchtime and the students would just come through from all the grades K to 8, including teachers, and they bought whatever snacks and treats they wanted that day," notes Ethans. "It worked out really well and we did it on a Wednesday. We actually did it again on Friday the same week."

They then contacted PAWS to inform them of the effort and results, and Ethans says the animal shelter was very appreciative.

Ethans says the teachers give the peer leader group a list of ideas with which they can work and raise money. She notes PAWS previously sent a letter at the start of the year describing their programming and it inspired the school to keep it on their radar. She says the kids love animals and it made for an easy decision.