Portage la Prairie's beloved Koko Platz Rec Centre is hoping to win some cool hard cash with the help of voters in the 2022 installment of Manitobaville.

Manitobaville is an annual contest run for smaller communities to have a chance to win $25,000 toward projects such as day cares, rec centres, movie theatres and so on.

Kaitlyn Coates, a member of the board of directors for Koko Platz Community Club, says that the board thought it would be a great way to attempt to speed up the funding process as Koko Platz looks to not only rebuild a community centre lost in an arson incident but also replace an ice surface that needs to be restored.

Coates shares that her group found out that they were accepted to the contest about one week ago after submitting a request to enter Manitobaville in August.

"I think there's six or seven of us small towns, so. It's very exciting, and you can vote once a day. You text Portage to 54321. The voting ends on Tuesday the 6th at noon, and then I think we'd find out who wins on the 12th."

The board member acknowledges that losing Koko Platz was a devastating blow.

"The days of a community club and a community rink are kind of gone, and Portage's or Koko Platz in particular, Is one of the only ones left in Portage. There are a lot of great projects that can be voted for. You can go on their website and watch all the videos. But I just would love if people could vote for Portage because we want to replace the rink and make it better, give something for kids and youth to do," says Coates." It's a huge project, and we're doing it at a time when inflation is high, so we know donations might be hard to get, and the cost is going to be higher to build it."

Coates adds that Saturday, September 10th, will be a farewell to the ice surface as Koko Platz holds a movie night fundraising event.

"The doors are kind of opening at 7, but the movie will get started around 8:00. It's going to depend on how dark it gets and everything. It's a bring your own chair, and then we'll have snacks and popcorn available for purchase there." 

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To vote for Koko Platz in Manitobaville, text Portage to 54321.