CP Rail's decision to close down 17 producer car loading sites in western Canada is not sitting well with Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP).

Two of the closures are in western Manitoba, one at Foxwarren, the other at Strathclair.

KAP President Dan Mazier says the move just doesn't make sense.

"Things that we produce in Manitoba are land-locked and we need a very good, solid transportation infrastructure to fix that," he commented. "Meanwhile, we have this other issue coming up, we want to be green infrastructure, we want to be good and resilient and not beat the roads all up, so what do we do? We turn around and we take a couple of potential sites that we could start loading something away. It's such a counter-productive type of move."

Mazier notes the timing of the closures is also not very good, with a new transportation bill currently being discussed in Parliament.

He adds the issue will be talked about further during KAP's Fall Advisory Council meeting held November 2 in Portage.