With the time change occurring over the weekend, many families are dealing with the changes that accompany with it.

Portage la Prairie MLA Jeff Bereza shared his personal opinion on the clock change every year, as well as what is going on in the Manitoba Legislature regarding Daylight Saving Time.

"My comment on Daylight Saving Time is I wish we would just leave the clocks alone. I wish we could keep them the same year-round."

Bereza notes that his reasoning largely relates to the youth in our community.

"When you think about kids going to school, are they getting the proper amount of sleep? Are we depriving them of certain things?"

He added that currently, the Manitoba government is waiting on the US government to decide on its plans regarding Daylight Saving Time, and that once they have made a decision, Manitoba, and Canada as a whole, will follow suit.

Bereza explained there have been discussions in his home about which setting on the clock is better.

"In my house, it's a big debate. I would prefer it stay like now. I like to see it lighter longer in the evening, like we're seeing right now. From my perspective, I think sunshine and sunlight are so important to our health."