The Manitoba Junior Baseball League is in full swing, and the Interlake Blue Jays have started off on the right note.

The squad is in second place in the league standings with a 5-3 record. Head coach Dave Meyers says he's very happy with the way his team has been performing.

"The first six games were really good. We could've easily been 6-0 but we just needed a hit here or there."

Meyers says the seventh game of the season was their only subpar outing to date but they bounced back the next game with a 21-10 victory. Interlake has already surpassed their win total from last season and is looking to have their first regular season with more wins than losses since 2018.

"Last year was my first year as head coach. So, there was a learning curve to figure out some of these players," says Meyers. "I've been in the AAA program in Interlake for 20 years but I had retired from coaching. I was asked if I wanted to coach the Juniors, and I thought, 'Why not?' So, last year about figuring out the players and letting them figure me out a little bit."

The coach believes the first few wins of the season were the most important ones.

"You can win when you play bad if you get a winning attitude. You can make the odd mistake but you'll come back from it. That's exactly what we did in the first two games," Meyers continues. "In the first game, we played really well. In the second game, we played good enough to win. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I like it when you win, and you play poor, because then, when you play well, you win easily."

Meyers says they don't have one strong suit. He believes the team's best ability is that everyone can do a little bit of everything.

"I really think we're a one through nine team, that will be really hard to shut down. We'll have nine guys that can really knock the ball around the park," Meyers explains. "The turnaround is about pitching, too. We're a lot stronger in that aspect."

His goal for the Blue Jays this season involves the team doing something they haven't been able to accomplish since 2006 when they were known as the Interlake Knights.

"I'd love to finish in the top three (in the regular season standings). I think we can easily finish in the top three as long as we don't get hurt. I think our pitching staff will keep us in games, and if we get the hits at the right times, we'll be fine. I believe we can be top three, and we'll go from there."

Interlake looks to add two more wins to their record today as they face off with the top-ranked St. James A's in a doubleheader.