Manitoba Agriculture says insect activity on crops has been light so far, mainly because of the delays in seeding.

Entomologist John Gavloski says they are seeing some flea beetle feeding on volunteer canola.

"I wouldn't say the population is heavy right now. Probably more still to come. Regarding flea beetles though, we may actually see less severe damage by flea beetles this year with all the later seeding. The biggest risk for flea beetles is really when you have plants that are taking a long time to germinate and when you have plants that are taking a long time to get through that seedling stage."

Gavloski says cutworms will be another insect to scout for early in the season.

"Hard to say right now what the cutworm levels will be like. We did see some pretty severe problems a couple of years ago. Last year wasn't quite as bad as 2020, so I'm hoping that that trend continues. Cutworms often go in cycles...The other one people have been asking a lot about is grasshoppers and will all the rain and excess moisture have killed the grasshoppers. Short answer is don't count on it."