Carson Inman is now a two-time champion of the Junior Open at the Portage Golf Club. The Portager won his second Junior Open trophy on Monday after getting his first victory at the tournament back in 2019, and he says he was excited to be back on top.

"It felt pretty good. I won it a couple of years ago, and just to have the trophy back in my hands, is a great feeling."

Inman had a very busy week as he, not only won the Portage Junior Open, but also competed in the Manitoba Junior Boys Championship just a few days prior. The local golfer placed second in his age group (15 & 16-year-olds) and seventh in the overall ranks out of 55 golfers. 

With this placement, Inman has become an alternate for the U18 Team Manitoba squad at the 2022 Canada Summer Games. He says he was very happy with how he performed.

"I was proud of the performance I had. I don't think I could've done much more," Inman explains. "The other guys ahead of me just played better. They're older than me, so I have a couple more years to get there."

Inman shot a 76 on both of the first two days and finished the final day shooting a 74. The golfer outlines what he's hoping to improve on so he can crack Team Manitoba next year.

"Make more puts, hit more greens, and hit more fairways. Just get lower scores, that's it," Inman continues. "I had a couple of bad bogeys and played well other than that. So, it'll just be about eliminating those bogeys."

The Portager doesn't plan to slow down on the tournament play anytime soon.

"I have the Manitoba Amateur Championship this week," says Inman. "It starts Thursday, I play Friday, and if I make the cut, I'll play Saturday too. So, we'll see how that one goes."

Inman adds that this year has been about gaining confidence in his game and staying consistent with his play. He says the pressure can be a lot to handle sometimes but notes it's all about the mentality you have when the club is in your hand.

"I try not to think too much about it and think of it as just another shot. Every tournament round I treat it like it's a fun round because I'm out there to have fun. By the end of it, whatever happens, happens."

Inman is looking forward to teeing off on the rest of his golf season.