UPDATE: 10 names were drawn and a reverse draw then took place to find our eventual winner.

1. Tanner Nicoll - MacGregor - eliminated
2. Ken Boyachek - Portage - eliminated
3. Kim Vuignier - Notre Dame - eliminated
4. Carson Rodgers - MacGregor - eliminated
5. Bud Delf - Rathwell - eliminated
6. Kelly Ronall - Portage - eliminated
7. Colby Gauthier - St. Claude - eliminated
8. Rob Peters - Portage - WINNER
9. Mark Mazurat - Portage - eliminated
10. Larry Rodgers - Lavenham - eliminated

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The MNP Exhibition building on Island Park Portage was packed with producers as the CFRY/Country 93 Farmer Appreciation Lunch took place Thursday,

Thousands of dollars in prizes were handed out, and later this morning, we will find out who wins the Grain Max Hopper-Bottom Bin from Meridian Industries worth over $25,000! Listen live in the 8 a.m. hour to see who it is.

We thank the farmers across the Central Plains and in the Interlake for keeping us fed! Many traveled well over an hour to be there with ballots coming from places like Plumas, Eriksdale, Petersfield, Carberry, Starbuck, Iles De Chenes, Swan Lake, and more.  

Thank you to our partners who made this event a success.

Logos of businesses

Here are some of the instant winners from the event:

Ken Walter, Dave Swiscoski, Sean Gauthier, John Johnson, Eric Misonne, Art Rodgers, Marjorie Johnston, Robert Stobie, Don Poschenreider, Richard Funk, Dave Wieler, Delores Early, Jason Finnie, Benson Stobie, Murray McIntrye, Eric Balch, Brian Brown, Jordyn Nicoll, Lionel De Rocquigny, Trina Kell, Joanne Dequier, Colin Hiebert, Ed Bernaert, Vicki Pugh, Noah De Rocquigny, Tanner Nicoll and Howard Gould.