Earlier this year, the province of Manitoba has announced an opportunity for residents to receive a rebate to help alleviate some of the costs for security systems in businesses and homes. It's an answer to the outcry from the public due to the rise in crime and what many perceive as the federal government's catch-and-release policy. 

Province announcesManitoba's justice minister, Matt Wiebe, announces a security equipment rebate in Winnipeg on April 15, 2024. (Facebook)

Portage la Prairie resident Rose was one of those who issued an application and explained the online process was somewhat difficult for her, to say the least.

"It was a job and a half with that application. You have to be very literate, computer-wise. You have to have everything in place before you ever start that application. So, you need a picture - a photo of your property taxes to prove your residency, driver's license to prove who you are, a copy of the void cheque where the deposit's going to, and then pictures of your cameras installed, and pictures of your invoices. If you have more than one invoice, you have to make a collage; that's the only way it will attach it."

secureRose's security cameras monitoring 24/7

She notes photos of your security equipment are also required. 

"I sure hope I do get it. I've only got the confirmation number, so I don't know if I got it or I haven't got it. But if you get it, well, it helps for sure. We've had lots of cameras on our property for a long time and we have bought some in the last three or four months that we're going to claim. It can get very costly. We've probably spent well over $5,000 on cameras over the last 10 to 15 years."

Rose says the rebate program is definitely a positive thing, taking into account the crime taking place in Portage. 

One of Rose's camerasOne of Rose's cameras

"Everybody should think about putting up those cameras; it makes a difference."
On the business side of the offer, Arishya Aggarwal says it's a wonderful program that she's utilizing for her business. 

"I think this is a practical and effective solution taken by our current provincial government to really combat crime in a way that has a real-world impact. So, I think it's a good initiative, absolutely."

She noted she had no difficulty whatsoever in applying for the rebate online. 

"it's very easy to understand with very easy explanations. When you go onto the website, it has little multiple options. You can pick 'Are you a business owner?' 'Are you a tenant?' 'Are you a property owner?' Then click whichever button applies to you, and it just goes right into the process. I didn't have any difficulties there. I opted for cameras for our businesses." 

She says multiple advantages include peace of mind for both business owners and residential homeowners. 

"I will have video surveillance and footage in case any criminal or any thief tries to steal something. That's one advantage. The second advantage is that it de-incentivizes the criminals and thieves, themselves, because now they'll be made aware that they're being watched and that they're constantly being surveyed on camera. It should theoretically de-incentivize crime a little bit nowadays."

She recounts businesses that have been victims of people walking into businesses and brandishing machetes, knives, and other weapons. They also walk into private properties, pick up equipment and just walk out. 

"Hopefully, knowing that they're being watched on camera, having that awareness that that exists, will de-incentivize some of that shameless invasive and crime. And then, of course, thirdly, it helps our RCMP officers to compile evidence against repeat offenders to build a whole case. If you have multiple videos of the same offender stealing again or committing a crime again that way you have that compiled evidence to submit to court. I think it's a practical and effective solution. We have a lot more to do but this one solution taken by the provincial government is a great first step toward effectively, and practically combating crime."

She adds she feels that a collaboration between the provincial government, the RCMP, the citizens of our community, and our Province shows we're all working together to create a win-win-win situation for all the parties involved.

The province issued this notice:

Manitobans can now receive financial assistance of up to $300 for purchasing and installing home security equipment through the newly launched Manitoba Security Rebate Program.

The initiative aims to reduce crime rates and promote safer neighbourhoods throughout the province by providing rebates to homeowners, tenants, and small businesses.

Fill out the form on the Manitoba government's website to apply.


The rebate covers a wide range of preventative security products, including but not limited to:

  • Security cameras
  • Alarm systems
  • Motion detectors
  • Reinforced doors or windows
  • Anti-graffiti film and paint
  • Security gates
  • Pull-down protection shutters
  • Permanent security fencing


The program is open to all Manitoba homeowners, tenants, and small businesses (businesses with 50 employees or less in good standing with the Companies Office) who purchase and install qualifying security equipment after September 1, 2023. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, and the rebate does not cover expenses related to vandalism, property damage repairs, or monthly subscription fees.


Applicants must provide proof of purchase, installation details, and identification documents to confirm eligibility. Acceptable forms of identification include a valid Manitoba driver’s license, Manitoba Identification Card, Canadian passport, or Indigenous status card. Only one application per property, location, or rental unit will be accepted.

For further inquiries regarding the program’s eligibility criteria or application process, interested parties can contact the program administration team by telephone at 204-945-3725 or by email at srp@gov.mb.ca.


With files by Mike Thom