A joint fundraising initiative between the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and the Manitoba Agricultural Museum is sharing the results from their 2022 Heritage Harvest Growing Project.

Each year, the project grows a crop on a 65-acre field near Austin, Manitoba, with the crop sales being split 50/50 between the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and the Manitoba Agricultural Museum.

This year, the initiative raised $25,000, and due to government programs matching the funds, the total ended up being over $78,000 split between the two organizations.

Chair of the Heritage Harvest Committee, Nicole Blyth, says she is proud to be involved in this project which has had great success over the past six years.

"It absolutely feels wonderful. I mean, this is a big community project. I think working together for a good cause feels wonderful," says Blyth. "I know there's lots of excitement, especially on combine day. We sometimes have over 100 people in the field doing various things, from swathing to threshing, both with old and new machines. So, it is always a tremendous day with lots of people in attendance."

Blyth explains that while it was a challenging growing year, the initiative still yielded over 3,100 bushels of wheat crop.

"It wasn't quite what we were expecting. We were expecting a little bit more. But overall, I still think it was a very good year."

The Chair of the Heritage Committee notes that they will be growing canola next year, and she looks forward to continuing this project well into the future.

File Photo.Photo Credit- Heritage Harvest