The Portage Youth City Councillor gave an update on his position at last night's Portage la Prairie School Board meeting.

PCI student Donnovan Hillman explained how the past few months have been going as a council member. Hillman also went over a few of his upcoming events.

"A lot is planned for next year. It's kind of opposite right now, everything next year is all planned out and set in stone. I do have about 3 more things this year, like the municipal tax presentation, an open house, and an event in November. Those are kind of getting planned out now."

Portage la Prairie's Youth City Councillor Donovan Hillman

He talked about some of his accomplishments over the past few months and says there have been many highlights, but one stands out in his mind.

"Biggest highlight was for sure the talent show. The expression 'everything that could go wrong' is so true, and it did. But it was amazingly successful, there was over a dozen contestants, there were judges already set up, the prizes just kept flowing in, it was amazing. We had food, we had beverages. Public safety was also a big highlight, meeting with departments, and just the overall experience going to events and representing the City."

Hillman was just sworn in for his full term as Youth City Councillor, and looks forward to the future.