Canola in Manitoba is getting close to, or is at stage for swathing, however producers are reminded to not be fooled by what the crop looks like on the outside.

Anastasia Kubinec with Manitoba Agriculture said there are a lot of sun-scalded plants that look mature from the road but producers will want to actually open up pods to confirm that seed colour change is occurred.

"Ideally, to start swathing we want to target sixty per cent seed colour change on the main stem. At this point the bottom two-thirds of the seeds are going to be completely brown/black in colour and the top seeds are going to be firm to roll."

However, Kubinec pointed out that in lower plant populations more of the yield is going to be contained in the side branches.

"In that situation make sure that those seeds are firm to roll, letting the main stem mature past sixty per cent seed colour change."

For example, in fields with three plants per square foot up to seventy-five per cent of the yield could be in those side branches.