The Manitoba 4-H Club received funding from the province this week. 

Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn made an announcement at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair last Wednesday that the province will continue to provide the program with assistarnce. $900,000 was given over three years starting in 2022 to the over-100 clubs in the province that boast more than 1,000 members.

Manitoba 4-H Council executive director Shannon Carvey outlines the news.

"The funds that we receive from the province of Manitoba through the Department of Agriculture help fund our provincial programming. They help out at the grassroots level with regional area events, and allow us to be able to offer some exceptional programming for our members and our leaders," says Carvey. "In 2016, the Department of Agriculture passed the duties of 4-H because, prior to 2016, it was managed by the Department of Agriculture through their Ag offices throughout the province. In 2016, they passed those duties off to the Manitoba 4-H Council. And so at that time, they also came with the funding commitments that we receive for 4-H Manitoba annually." 

She notes the club's extremely grateful for their support beyond just the finances, but also for cooperation for various efforts. Carvey adds the club still relies on agriculture staff as a sounding board, who often attend different 4-H events and help and provide assistance.

"4-H is alive and well in the province of Manitoba. We're just working through the rebound of COVID, but feel pretty confident that our numbers are building back up again. We've created a couple of new events, which the funding helps support. In addition to our provincial communications, our intermediate camps, our senior member events, and our provincial leaders, we've added an Agri Career Quest. That's a three-day bus tour for senior members to learn about what careers are available in agriculture in our province."

She notes they're also holding the second annual edition of their Manitoba Rally in Brandon over the weekend of May 12th.

"We host several workshops. There's something for everybody; equine, beef, lots of multi-purpose crafts, dog training, archery -- everything you can think of. So, we've been able to bring some of those new events that really cater to the grassroots members and leaders. Gainsborough 4-H Club is part of our 4-H family and those members will absolutely be able to take benefit from all of the events that we offer provincially."