Those who drove by Westpark School this week may have noticed the trailer parked in front of the building. Tamara Weselake, Director of Family Ministries with Prairie Alliance Church (PAC), shares why it's there.

"For the last few years, we've done a Free Garage Sale. But last year, it got really big, so we had to host it in our parking lot. We advertised it to the whole community, and people came and took whatever they wanted for free. We had 300 free hotdogs, and those all went. So, this year, it got even bigger, and we didn't have room to store all the donations we had, so Portage Transport generously donated that trailer."

She emphasizes that they hope to exceed the numbers from last year significantly.

"This year, we're hoping for 500. Last year, we had over 300, because we ran out of hotdogs, so that's how we kept track," Tamara added with a laugh. "This year, we're hoping that we have more than that."

Weselake also notes the event is entirely put on to benefit others.

"We wanted to do this to be a way to bless the community. We know that since the pandemic, it has been hard for different people to make ends meet. Groceries have skyrocketed, so things that are extra, like clothing or furniture, often there isn't enough money left for those sort of things. So, whatever we have that we can use to bless other people, we're trying to do that."

All items in the garage sale are available for free. The event begins at 12:15 p.m. on May 26, and anyone from the community is welcome to take part.