The number of cases of the PED virus in Manitoba this year has now jumped to 66.

Both #63 and #65 are feeder operations that received pigs from previously infected premises where the pigs appeared to have fully recovered. Shortly after being moved, the pigs began shedding again. The risk that these sites pose to neighbouring farms is believed to be fairly low.

Infected premises #64 and #66 are batch-farrow sow operations with some staff linkages. These are new PED breaks and are considered to be higher risk.

Manitoba Pork General Manager Andrew Dickson reminds producers to re-double their biosecurity efforts with colder temperatures on the way.

"Even though it's been dry and it seems like the number of cases has declined, we've still got some pretty serious outbreaks," he said. "There's a lot of work going on behind the scenes to try to get these operations cleaned up. If you haven't been infected, we strongly urge you to keep up your good work."

Dickson says they've hired a swine health manager to help deal with PED and other disease issues in the future.