The Fort la Reine Museum has been focusing on repairing exhibits during the offseason and Portage la Prairie's Community Grants have provided a boost.

The Museum has received $50,000, the second-highest amount given to Community Organizations behind Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment ($75,000). Director Emma Ens-McIver says these funds are crucial when it comes to both the repairs and any additions to the museum.

"Our budget is broken down into so many categories," explains Ens-McIver when asked where these funds will go. "From helping substitute salaries, especially for students, and it's also essential for our programming and education. Being able to provide tours and special events, too."

She adds that they have a few special events that these funds will also help get off the ground, but they'll announce those at a later date. Ens-McIver also points out that groundskeeping and conservation can sometimes go under the radar, so a portion of this grant will be used for that as well.

"The plan is that we'll be opening the doors to our towers as they're now complete, which is phase one of our fort rebuild," notes Ens-McIver. "We're putting plans into motion to get the trading post rebuilt, hopefully, for the next season."

One of the things from last year that Ens-McIver wants to focus on is adding Indigenous teachings throughout the summer with various heritage activities, organized by members of the Portage Community.

The Fort la Reine Museum will open its doors on May 18.