It's that time of year again at Delta Beach when the fish flies are swarming the community. Resident Paulette Connery says some years are worse than others, but it's quite bad this week. she notes they first appeared the weekend of the rain, and a little earlier than normal on Friday, May 17.

"There was a few and they've just been coming and coming. This past weekend on Saturday, they weren't too bad because it was raining, of course. But I personally don't think that they're any worse than other years. I haven't seen like the total 'cyclones or tornado-type' swarms of them, when they're just flying around in the sky, but you can certainly hear them and there are lots out there. I think they're just earlier this year than what we've had in the past."

FLIESFish flies along a railing 

She notes they usually come for two weeks, and they may be lucky and see the end of them any day now.

"I can quote Rick Henderson for you. He said to me that he remembers as a kid where there would just be clouds and clouds of them and all summer long. The worst I've seen is where the land where the street lights are quite a few years ago. Maybe eight or nine, years ago they were just piled up by this street lights, although I do have quite a few here today (Monday)."

Connery explains there is a smell to their presence. 

"Once it dries up, then I'll be blowing them into the marsh or scooping them up and taking them into the marsh to fill. But on the bright side, they are good for the grass, it fills in and it's a good nutrient for them."

flies streetThat's not mud - it's dead fish flies beneath the light poles along Hackberry Avenue

She adds if people want to check out what it's like this week, you can come on out, but recommends you wear a mask.

Some folks were fishing near the marina this week, and we asked them if the flies are much of a bother to them.

Dmitry Shcherbakov hails from Winnipeg and says, "A couple of hours before, there was a lot, but now it's less. Maybe because it's windy."

He adds it's just par for the course when it comes to fishing there.

FliesYou can see a thick vertical swarm in the centre (top right inset makes it more visible)

Fred Wright is also from Winnipeg and notes "They're pretty nasty and stinky. It doesn't smell very good. They're annoying.  They're everywhere. They stick to the truck, they stick to us. When we first got here, our chairs were covered. But nothing hinders my fishing.  We usually come out a couple of times a year."

bbq Flies all over the BBQ

Mark Mariano is from Kola, MB, and was with his family at Delta. He notes the flies weren't bothering him at all and only reminded him of his original home. 

"It's almost like this in the Philippines, so it's kind of nice to have this feeling to see the bugs," he laughs. "It's not that bad."