We're back into the deepfreeze, as Environment and Climate Change Canada is calling for temperatures around -30 and wind chills around -40.

Warning preparedness meteorologist Natalie Hasell says when we see those numbers, they issue extreme cold warnings for the area.

"We are already under the influence of an Arctic Ridge, an area of high pressure extending down from the Arctic," says Hasell. "It will become more settled over the Prairies in the next while. Tonight, we are expecting some winds in the evening and in the overnight period, leading to wind chill values of probably around -41 overnight. That means we could see frostbite in minutes. We're not talking about a very long time at all."

She says we are not seeing much relief until later in the weekend.

"That will continue into tomorrow morning. Not much of a recuperation temperature-wise tomorrow and we do have the winds picking up," says Hasell. "Tomorrow, we'll continue to see wind chill conditions that are of concern and we don't really see a big improvement in the temperatures until about Saturday, where we start to see temperatures during the day warming up a little bit."

By Sunday, we start to see some real heat. At the time of this writing, Portage la Prairie is expected to see a high of -3. You can see the full five-day forecast and more here.