The photography program at Portage Collegiate Institute has been expanded, giving more opportunities for students interested in pursuing that field. Teacher JoEllen Sevcenko says they moved into a new space in the east building, making the space two-and-a-half times the size of their former classroom.

"Now we can have a permanent studio set up for the kids to photograph in, which is pretty exciting," says Sevcenko. "I'm full-time photography and my husband, Adam Sevcenko, teaches two Grade 9 courses, as well."

She notes what's most exciting is they've now got a full program, making the program, what she calls, a 'dual-dip' opportunity.

"Kids can get two diplomas when they graduate with their high school diploma and a photography diploma." 

JoEllen SevcenkoJoEllen Sevcenko

Sevcenko explains there are now more opportunities for students, seeing as they can receive more credits than previously.

"We're more focused on using lighting sources and things now, so they can apply more more of that to their photograph," adds Sevcenko. "They have more time, and because they are in for multiple classes, they have more time to do more fine tuning with their photographs and their editing."

Principal Lawrence MacKenzie the program is definitely growing, noting that these students also help create the school yearbook. 

"They're taking pictures of all of our sporting teams, different clubs that the school has, and different events like our Spirit Week and our SOS week," says MacKenzie. "The photography kids are out and about. Their culmination of the year is they've designed a yearbook that our students then get in the following fall."

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