Stephen Berg, a Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada is breaking down what you can expect in Portage la Prairie this week.

Berg says you should prepare to have an umbrella on hand.

"It looks like showers will at last until Wednesday sometime. It's looking pretty showery on Tuesday and into Wednesday. Then, it will be clearing somewhat for the weekend with some decent-looking temperatures in the 20° area."

He explains that we may have to deal with some smokey conditions after Wednesday when the rain clears up.

"It looks like on the back end of this low over the Dakotas and Minnesota by Wednesday afternoon, the winds shift to a bit more northerly. So, it looks like the smoke being billowed up from the fires in the Flin Flon area will be coming down southward and might get into the Portage area for Wednesday afternoon and beyond."

Berg notes that we will see how the fire evolves as the week progresses.

"Towards the middle part of the week and late part of the week, smokey air is possible in your area."

He adds that typically daytime highs for this year would be 19°, with nighttime lows being 5°.

"With the showers, the daytime highs will be well below that, and nighttime lows will be approximately normal or maybe slightly above that this weekend. So, that's something to look forward to, and hopefully, the smoke doesn't end up reaching you."