The Portage Terriers have visited many schools in the Portage la Prairie area for the annual "I Love To Read" month. Two Terriers visited École Arthur Meighen to read in French on Monday and had a great reception there.

Goaltender Jayden Catellier and forward Gabriel Laflamme shared some time with a Grade 1 class, reading two books each to the kids. Laflamme shared how it felt to return to his mother tongue for a few minutes.

"It was fun giving back to the French community. I felt like I was back home for ten minutes, it was nice."

Catellier had been the only French-speaking player on the team the last two seasons, so he talked about how he felt having a teammate with him at Portage's French school this year.

"I think Laflamme set a high standard for me, where in previous years, it was just me, so it was good. I think the kids enjoyed it."

Natalie Guimond-Low, vice-principal at École Arthur Meighen, shared her excitement at having two players read to the kids.

"It's amazing to see the kids so engaged. The majority of their day is in French, and it's often through the teachers in the building. To have people coming in who speak French in the community is so fantastic, because the kids get to see the language outside of our school walls."

There were many visits done by Terriers this month, as schools in the Portage area participated in 'I Love To Read' month. Adler Johnston, who was acquired by the Terriers at the trade deadline, visited Bloomfield Colony and skated on their outdoor rink. He noted that it was a fun experience, and one that reminded him of his days in school.

"On my old team, there were a few instances where we would go out and read to elementary schools, and it was super fun. I actually played for my hometown team back in the States, and that team came and read to my elementary school when I was an elementary school student. So, it was pretty neat that it all came full circle, and I was able to be in those guys' shoes and read to kids who were once in my shoes."

The team has visited to multiple schools over the last 28 days, and will finish the month with three more visits between Wednesday and Thursday.