The expression goes: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." And that's exactly what the Dilworth family has been doing to honour the late Dale Dilworth.

The corner of Highway #2 and #244 in Rathwell was the location of a lemonade stand to raise money for Central Plains Cancer Services this past Saturday.

Dale's wife, Cathy Dilworth, underlines that this is the third year that the family has hosted the lemonade stand in hopes of raising money for cancer research.

"It started out word of mouth, and it's set up at a corner of two highways. We have balloons and signs out. It's kind of a place where friends, family and lots of other people we don't know stop by and make generous donations."

Cathy says that the funds from the weekend are still coming in, but the running total is over $4100.

"We are so proud and so happy that people dig in, and we're hoping that this money will help in the research, so someday there will be a cure for cancer."

Like Batman and Robin, everyone knows that lemonade and a hot summer day go together, and with Saturday feeling like 36 degrees, it was undoubtedly good timing for the fundraiser.

"We were very fortunate. We had no rain. We were surrounded by rain but didn't actually get any; we were very thankful all around."

Cathy adds that she was proud to see people stop by in tractors, quads, rangers, trucks and cars to help her and her family keep Dale's legacy alive.