While the value of December's permits was less than one per cent of the year's total, 2023's permits are still extremely valuable compared to last year's.

According to the Planning District's combined totals, which integrate the City and Rural Municipality's permits, only nine were approved during December. The value of these permits totals $300,000

There were three residential repair permits valued at $203,000, as well as three commercial repair permits worth $97,000. There were also three plumbing permits, but these don't carry any value.

In 2023, 267 permits were accepted, while there were 280 permits in 2022. Despite having more permits, the total value of 2022's permits is $66,075,000, while 2023's is valued at $124,116,000.

The most value from this past year came from the new institutional category, with six permits worth $72,788,000.

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