The Weather Centre of Manitoba has issued a Damaging Wind Event Warning on their social media, alerting residents to potentially dangerous conditions across the province.

Justin Oertel, Owner of the Weather Centre of Manitoba, says Damaging Wind Events are fairly simple in their definition.

"Typically, we think of a Damaging Wind Event as whenever we get winds up to the 80-90 kilometer an hour range," Oertel continues. "With this wind over the next few days, we expect to reach those values, especially across the Western part of the province. There is actually a wind warning in effect for Southeastern parts of Saskatchewan. Nothing is issued for our area of Southern Manitoba as of yet, but we could see those wind warnings move East in the afternoon, but we'll have to wait and see."

The wind poses some problems for anyone with loose items around their yards, which could be blown away in the gusts of wind.

Oertel also notes that there are many things that result from these conditions.

"Some of the main things that we can see are definitely, some older, weaker trees that fall down. If not trees actually coming down, we'll see leaves being stripped off trees, some tree branches and limbs coming down. I know some people have just planted their garden for the season, and we could see some plant damage as well. We could see some roof damage as well. If homeowners have shingles that are older and loose already, these strong winds are likely to blow those shingles off the roof. So, those are some of the damages we can expect with this wind over the next couple of days."

Oertel adds that, to prevent significant damage to your property, be sure to bring any items that could be blown around in the wind in-doors or tie them to something sturdy to prevent them becoming airborne.