Dakota Tipi First Nation entered into a Pandemic Response Plan Protocol as of last week.

"As part of that process, we entered into a Health and Safety Enforcement Protocol which limits access to Dakota Tipi First Nation," says Chief Eric Pashe. "Within that right now, we currently have checkpoints set up at the entrances to the community."

Eric PashePashe says there's a curfew that's currently in effect as of Monday that extends from 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. He notes they're assessing the situation daily and weekly with respect to everything that's taking place surounding the coronavirus.

He outlines how the checkpoints work.

"Well basically, the checkpoints were arranged to provide information with respect to, I guess, what's similar to what the Province of Manitoba is doing and, within that, we have our local-based security checking on the names of the people that are entering into the community."

Pashe says they're limiting people at the discretion of the security, and are providing instruction to look for further information about those who have symptoms. He says it's in response to what was instructed through the provincial bulletins and its response protocols.

He notes there are other First Nations that are following a similar protocol, but he's not sure which ones are engaged in that at the time being. Pashe says the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs passed resolutions via teleconference to enter a State of Emergency for all communities.

He adds the security is directed to limit traffic to and from the community but does not enforce the flow of traffic to and from the First Nation.

Pashe says on behalf of the community, they've been doing their due diligence to keep everyone up to date on the current information available. He says he hopes all will stay safe and urges all to collectively do their part to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Pashe says it's vital we all take this seriously.