Central Plains Cancer Services (CPCS) is putting out the call that they are in need of drivers from a few communities in the Central Plains region.

Executive Director Sharilyn Knox says Amaranth, Elie, and Langruth are a few of the communities in need of drivers.

"Right now in Portage la Prairie, we're pretty good for drivers. That doesn't mean you can't apply and get on the list. It just might mean you're not super busy at this time, and that's okay, because we have drivers who go away, we have drivers that take holidays, we always want to have drivers available. But surrounding areas outside of Portage, there is definitely an immediate need."

Knox adds that drivers are compensated for their efforts.

"It's a volunteer position, so people who are retired don't have to worry about it affecting their taxes, but they are compensated. We pay their mileage, they get $0.55 a kilometer. But, if they are gone for an extended period of time, we pay for lunch."

She also stated it's a good way to help and make an impact in your community.

"Volunteer driving for us has been proven that it's as rewarding for the patient as it is for the driver, so if you're looking for a way to give back, it's a great way to do it."

To get in contact with CPCS, phone (204) 857-6100.