Central Plains Cancer Services (CPCS) aims to empower cancer patients by getting them on the runway. 
This fashion show is taking place in just over a month, and they are looking for models to participate.

Sharilyn Knox, the Executive Director of CPCS, says she loves seeing everyone on stage, which feels very empowering.

"Since I've been here almost eight years, when I talked to models about it, many of them were nervous or didn't think they wanted to do it. Out of all the people who have done it, everyone has always said they're glad they had that experience, and it's wonderful for their families and friends to see them celebrated beautifully."

Since CPCS is still looking for a couple more models, they are calling on people in the area to join this year's edition. Knox says participating in the show doesn't require too much commitment. 

"It only takes a couple of hours to get fitted, and then it's really the commitment of that day."

Knox shares that they are looking for anyone to come and strut their stuff. 

"We try to get new people on the stage every time, so if you know somebody who has been through a cancer diagnosis, it doesn't matter when it could be years ago, and you think they'd be a model. We are looking for men, women, children, whoever. If they are interested, they can contact the office or me, and we can tell them more and get them signed up."

The executive director notes that this is not a fundraiser for CPCS. It is a celebration of all of the hardships that these models have endured.