The Portage Citizens on Patrol Program held its fundraiser barbecue for a wheelchair-accessible swing to go on Island Park, and raised $3,015. Spokesperson Rose says they presented the cheque to Kim Wikdahl, who is the head of the project.

"This project is nicely getting off the ground now," says Rose. "That money includes donation cheques as well as our sales from our hot dogs. They're just nicely getting going and if anybody in the community would like to donate to this wonderful cause, they just go to City Hall and tell them that they want to donate to the accessible wheelchair swing project."

She notes Wikdahl will be able to see a big difference with the added funds, noting they will likely be applying for some grants in the future.

"Right now, we're probably looking at a year-and-a-half to two years to raise that money," continues Rose. "It's a lot of money, $96,000, at this point and possibly higher by the time that they finally get all the funds together."

Rose adds it was a great day for fundraising and they extend thanks to Homestead Co-op for all of their support. She says they donated the majority of the food for COPP, and that means a lot. 

She also thanks Brett Forzley from the River Road Co-op Gas Bar, without whose help the event would not have happened.

"We also thank the École Arthur Meighen School students," says Rose. "Every year, they have supported us for the last five to six years. They order their lunch ahead of time, we prepare it, and take it over to them. It's just a great partnership."