Many came dressed in red to show their support for the National Day of Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2-spirit People.

Indigenous community coordinator assistant Jacinda Houle put together a walk that saw Portagers go from the PCI football field to the William Glesby Centre. They also tied lots of red ribbons on the field's eastward gate to show support.

She says she was surprised with the turnout, as she only expected around 10 people to show up.

"I wanted to organize a walkabout with students and whoever can come to make it to show that the voices who were are heard now," explains Houle. "We're here now and we're always raising awareness for them."

She adds if you weren't able to attend the walk but still want to show your support, if you have a red dress, you can hang it on your window. You can also post on our social media with the hashtag no more stolen sisters, as she notes those posts do make their way around online.

"I'm very grateful for everyone who came and everyone who was able to walk with me," expresses Houle. "I feel so joyful right now. This day is very important to me and to a lot of others as well.