The Portage Ukrainian Nursery School has been able to access its storage rooms this year safely, and that's in large part to the Community Foundation of Portage and District (CFPD).

Executive director of CFPD Kim Lavallee says this was their first time donating to the Portage Ukrainian Nursery School, with $20,000 going toward upgrading their storage rooms. This donation was very important as the storage rooms were previously too dangerous for the kids to even enter.

Teachers on ladders.Storage before CFPD grant funding.

"It's wonderful because, as you know, many Ukrainian families have moved into the community," explains Lavallee. "It'll go a long way in helping them for sure."

The CFPD made the initial donation for this project in 2021, but it was only completed recently. The previous setup for the storage area was only accessible by ladder, which made gathering supplies extremely dangerous and also didn't allow the children to get much say in which toys were grabbed on any given day.

Lavallee is glad to see that their donation has solved a glaring issue that the nursery had been dealing with for over a year.

"We're always happy to give back to the community," mentions Lavallee. "Of course, every dollar that we get donated by the general public goes into our endowment fund that then goes out into grants to the community."

crosswalk under construction.The crosswalk during construction.