While the kids may use the term "It's chill" to describe something they're okay or happy with, many have not been chill with how chilly it has been lately. Thankfully, relief looks to be coming, according to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC.)

Meteorologist Natalie Hasell says Saturday should bring a shift in the weather pattern we are experiencing.

"Daytime temperatures will be much closer to seasonal starting Saturday, and overnight temperatures will be warmer than seasonal by that point. Then, we progressively inch up in daytime and nighttime temperatures. So, by the time we get to the middle of next week, we should be in above-normal temperatures." 

Hasell outlines that ECCC looks at analysis happening at the surface as well as aloft to make the forecast. She says right now, it is what is aloft that is making the more considerable difference.

"About a week ago, we had a low area aloft sitting over the Arctic, and that just pumped cold air into the prairies, but that has moved off now and will be much further south and much further east, so the flow over the prairies very soon will not be coming straight out of the north. In fact, we should see an area of warm air kind of make its way slowly from west to east. So, Albertan and Saskatchewan will see these warmer temperatures before Manitoba does, but it is coming to southern Manitoba."

Photo Credit-Mike Blume Detailed ForecastForecast issued: 4:00 PM CST Thursday 18 January 2024

Looking at precipitation in the forecast, Hasell says we could get a few centimetres of the white stuff on Saturday and Sunday.

"Right now. It doesn't look like it's going to be particularly significant," she continues. "As we get into these warmer temperatures, any precipitation we have could become more of the mushy or the freezing kind. So, that will, we'll have to wait and see how that goes."