A Combine College is being held today in Portage la Prairie on the green beside Stride Place. Farmers from all around the region are attending. 

Dealer representatives are explaining various workings of the latest combines, for the purpose of, as one rep said, putting more money in the farmer's jeans pockets.

Communications manager for the Manitoba Canola Growers Leanne Campbell explains what it's all about.

"Combine College is just an opportunity for farmers to come out, talk to their local dealers and look at how they can optimize their machine on their farm, making sure they can get as much of that crop in the bin at the end of the year," says Campbell. "We put our reach out to local dealers to see who would want to be interested in bringing their machine out to showcase for farmers. So, we have three combines here today, plus a session just on managing harvest loss, in general, that would apply for any colour of machine."

With the green, yellow and red machines, Campbell says all the panels are opened.

"They are walking through the combine front to back looking at all the different settings -- all of those minor little changes that you can make in your machine to make sure it runs as best as possible on your farm," adds Campbell. 

She explains the Manitoba Pulse and Soybeans Growers, Manitoba Canola Growers and Manitoba Crop Alliance are proud to partner together to bring all of this to their membership.