A Colorado Low is set to make its way through Portage la Prairie Wednesday evening and throughout Thursday. Justin Shelley, Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), says the City of Possibilities is proving difficult to predict for Environment Canada.

"Portage la Prairie is actually going to be a tricky forecast for the next 48 hours. Portage is going to be along a rain and snow boundary. So, areas farther east of Portage are going to be mainly rainy with this event until Thursday evening. Areas farther west look to be getting more snowfall. It looks like Portage itself will be in for a mix of both."

Shelley says it is unclear whether we will get more snow or rain, but by midday on Thursday, we will see colder air wrap behind the system, and it should change to snow entirely by Thursday afternoon.

"Along with that change over to the snow, we're expecting some strong winds, and behind the system, there is an outside chance of some localized blowing snow around the Portage area through the Red River Valley, but it's sort of dependent on how much snow falls."

Once Friday hits, we will see a shift back to more normal temperatures, according to Shelley. Portage has been above 0 every day since January 28, a rare weather occurrence considering our normal daytime highs should be -8 with lows around -20.

"It does look like, as we look at the longer range forecast, that slightly cooler temperatures are going to persist further into the middle of the month with the daytime highs possibly in the minus double digits."