The Reeve of the RM of Coldwell is sending a message of gratitude to front line workers dealing with the pandemic.

Reeve Brian Sigfusson says it takes a lot of people to keep essential operations open.

“I would like to thank governments, doctors, nurses all healthcare workers, ambulance drivers, and volunteers that work towards keeping us safe,” says Sigfusson. "I’d also like to thank service workers for all their help in fighting the virus. I’d also like to support that other RMs do that.”

Instead of the RM meeting face to face, they’ve been conducting conference calls in place of council meetings.

Sigfusson says it’s important to follow directions at this time.

“Please follow the guidelines and what the government has set out. Stay at home if possible, and do social distancing. When going out, we all have to do our part in slowing the control of the virus down.”

He thanks RM’s for keeping resident safety a priority and hopes this will all be over soon.

He knows this weekend is very important but stresses you should use your discretion.

“I would like to wish everybody a safe and happy Easter weekend. Don’t go out socializing, and stay at home. Our Prime Minister and our Premier are right, I think we need to follow their direction.”