Now that October has come to an end, the collection portion of Coats for Kids is finished, as well. Now United Way in Central Plains, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Family Resource Centre are coming together to distribute the donated winter gear. The initiative involves cleaning and sorting donated coats by age and gender, making it easy for families to find the right fit. While the exact number of donated coats remains unknown, the generosity of the community is evident.

Dawn Froese, the Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters, explains the process.

"We're going through the bags. All the scarves and hats are going to be in one area. We determine the adults' coats are going to go in one area, so we're splitting them up by age, as well as gender. Basically, when people come on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, they'll be able to see a sign and know exactly where to look so they don't have a big pile of things to sort through."

The distribution site, located at the back door of the Youth for Christ Youth Unlimited building, is open from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. from Wednesday the 8th through Friday the 10th. Those coming to collect coats are encouraged to bring their Manitoba Health Card and bags for transportation.

"There'll be a sign on the back door that says Coats for Kids," Froese explains. "We really need people to go to the back-alley door because Youth for Christ is busy doing their work at the front. We don't want to disturb them anymore than we already have."

She reminds everyone that the opportunity to get a coat for their children is limited, as the distribution ends on Friday. They will help anyone of any ages who comes in, regardless of if they have a health card or not. This heartwarming initiative showcases the community's kindness and its impact on the lives of children in need, ensuring they stay warm during the winter months.