With a new ramp installed at Portage City Hall this year, City Council is aiming to continue making the building more accessible.

At the December 11 City Council meeting, councillor Joe Masi introduced their new accessibility plan, showcasing their commitment to improving what used to be the old mail building.

"We've done the ramp so that people can get into City Hall more easily," explains Masi. "We're lowering counters so people with wheelchairs can come to pay bills and talk to staff."

On top of those changes, City Hall will soon be implementing elevators so that anyone can attend council meetings, which are on the second floor.

"We, as a city, believe in accessibility and whatever measures businesses can take to achieve that," says Masi. "When I go around the city and see what's been done, it's a real statement that our city is a very open, accessible place that people can get around. We have walking trails that I see people with physical limitations using. It's great to see."

Masi adds that they're also trying to look at different forms of communication to ensure that city announcements make it to all Portagers. You can register for Connect Portage, a communication system using text, email, phone calls, and social media, here.

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