The City Manager for the City of Portage la Prairie is now also board member elect representing Manitoba and Saskatchewan on the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) National Board. Nathan Peto put his name in for the role, and explains the association is a national board representing city managers and chief administrative officers from across the country, representing of a large amount of municipalities. 

"Essentially, they have a board that represents their interests," notes Peto. "There's representation based on geography. So, Manitoba and Saskatchewan has a rep. as does Alberta and BC to really make sure that we have a national representation from coast to coast. There was a call for nominations. I put forward my name. And I was selected to be the Manitoba/Saskatchewan representative on that board."

He explains how it's all to help our city and all of the others in the country  

"The goal of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators is to really focus on professional development and best practices in municipal administration, so you can use those skills and lessons to benefit the quality of life of the citizens of the communities we represent. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to meeting with people who represent cities as large as Toronto or as small as Portage la Prairie. I think there are lessons that can be learned about the best practices in community leadership at the municipal level, at the administrative level, and I hope to take those and bring them back to our community." 

He adds CAMA focuses on professional development in areas where you can see awards such as that which the City of Portage and the RM of Portage won in terms of best practices with their daycare project.

"But also, professional development in terms of budgeting, and council relations. It puts on a lot of professional development workshops; everything from improving your budget process, your communication process with the larger community, looking at how to improve stakeholder relationships with, not only your council, but working with other municipalities, and provides awards for best practices in municipal management and partnership."

He explains there's a large list of benefits that CAMA provides through its efforts. 

"Of course, being on the board, I get to be really on the ground floor of seeing what's happening across the country and different municipalities and what I can learn from that and bring that back to Portage la Prairie." 

He notes he will officially be involved when their AGM takes place in June, when he will formally be appointed to the board. His term then begins for a period of four years. Peto adds that takes place in Banff. 

"I have been a member of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators for some time. I have really value the things that I've learned as being a member and the networking that it has been able to accomplish, and it's a real honour to be appointed to the board, and I look forward to joining the board in June and bringing as much benefit as I can back to the community of . Portage la Prairie."